Join the $4.99 Pink Plan

Achieve a profitable home bakery right away.

The Pink Plan Program is for bakers wanting to earn a full-time salary via their home bakery. The program consists of workshops focused on efficiency, increasing orders, boosting income, marketing, using social media, and more. This plan is $4.99/monthly or $50/annually with a cancel anytime option.

Looking to Generate Additional Income Beyond Only Baking?

The Platinum Plan is now open for enrollment

Members in the Platinum Plan have access to everything in the Pink Plan but they also receive additional courses (live and pre-recorded) focused on building leadership and influence within the baking community, Instagram growth, entrepreneurship, and generating additional income via their business. These courses are EXCLUSIVE to Platinum Members and are the only courses not available outside of a membership for individual purchase. This plan is $9.99/monthly or $100/annually with a cancel anytime option.